20th International Specialized Exhibition of equipment and technologies for food processing industry

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen ,

Having already become traditional events, during 19 years “FOOD & DRINKS”  and “FOOD TECHNOLOGY” International Specialized Exhibitions have united the most important sectors of our main branch of economy – food-processing industry: meat and meat products, dairy products, bakery and confectionary items, fish and seafood, fruit and vegetable tins, frozen fruits and vegetables, drinking water, juices and soft drinks, spices and food additives; as well as technologies and equipment for manufacture of foodstuff and drinks, and also equipment for commerce and catering enterprises.

FOOD & DRINKS”, “FOOD TECHNOLOGY” – the venue for efficient business communication of exhibitors and visitors;

•       Reliable means for promotion on the market of Moldova;

•       Verification of supply and demand, testing and promotion of products;

•       Useful lesson to survive on the market;

•       Popular traditions, school of mastership, new investment projects;

•       Contacts and contracts ;

•       Presentation of a new offer of the food-processing industry at “Moldexpo”;

•       Holiday of a good taste.

International Specialized Exhibitions “Food & Drinks”, “Food Technology ” are to be held on 22 – 26 of May, 2013, at IEC “Moldexpo”. 

Simultaneously with these exhibitions, on 22 - 26 of May, 2013  there is to be held the 17th “Packaging. Depot  International Specialized Exhibition – the unique Moldovan exhibition of tare and packaging, raw materials and equipment for their production.