23rd International specialized exhibition of medical equipment, pharmaceuticals and stomatology


пр-т Санкибай батыра 24/к, 030012 г. Актобе, Республика Казахстан

Phone: +8 7132/ 921-237



JSC “Aktyubrentgen” is one of the oldest and most renowned enterprises for the production of X-ray equipment in the territory of the CIS. In May 2017 the enterprise turned 75 years old. During these years, colossal production experience has been accumulated, which allows producing hightech science-intensive products, meeting all modern world standards for the quality of medical products. Products: • Mobile X-ray diagnostic units for various purposes; • X-ray diagnostic digital units; • Fluorographic digital units; • Mobile fluorographic, dental and mammographic complexes for various purposes (on the basis of automobile chassis); • Mammography systems. Geography of exports: the Russian Federation, Uzbekistan, the Republic of Kyrgyzstan, Bulgaria, Belarus, Georgia.