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The Public Institute of Urgent Medicine was founded in 1959. The institution provides urgent medical services and methodologic support throughout the country and ensures urgent medical services to the population of Chisinau and the whole Moldova. The clinic comprises departments of various specializations: оorthopedics, traumatology, surgery, neurosurgery, neurology, urology, micro-surgery, gynecology, maxillofacial surgery and haemodialysis. The medical staff of the clinic numbers 3138 people, including 820 doctors and 1106 nurses. The institution is of a strategic importance for both the health care system and the national economy. The Institute of urgent medicine has undergone a series of structural reforms, the latter - an ambitious project of reformation of medical units, rescheduling of human and economic resources - creating opportunities for advanced management and provision of health care services along effective international standards. The Institute consists of 11 departments and three support units that provide medical care at a clinic with 620 beds. At the Department of Emergency Medical Care an advisory department was created which aims to improve the process of patients’ sorting to ensure better care. There is an dialysis department, the department of neurology, cerebrovascular diseases and stroke with an intensive care unit, EEG and computer- assisted Doppler monitoring units. Each year, more than 70 thousand citizens appeal for the services of the Institute (including those brought in by the ambulances of the emergency service “903”), requiring about 13 to 14 thousand surgeries per year. Daily the medical staff of IUM provides medical services to more than 200-250 patients, of which approximately 40% are hospitalized for surgery. The highest incidence at the clinic represent patients with multiple injuries, neurosurgical diseases, diseases of the colon, stomach, pancreas, liver disorders, urological and gynecological diseases.