23rd International specialized exhibition of medical equipment, pharmaceuticals and stomatology


Clinica Doctor Cotea str. Mihail Lomonosov 37 MD-2009 Chisinau, Rep. Moldova

Phone: +373 22/ 288-726

Gsm: +373 69/ 103-699


Biroul de presa

tel:+373 22/ 288-188

fio:+373 79/ 322-243

IMPP “Neogen Ltd offers the following types of services: PRESS – inserting government agencies and private companies in the “Neogen Guide of Services” and in the on-line database (addresses and telephone numbers of companies in all fields of activity), 365 lei for 365 days; MEDICINE - the opening of the first exclusive cosmetic surgery clinic – the clinic of “Doctor Cotea”, named after the physician who was the first to practice esthetic surgery in our country. At the clinic the complete range of plastic surgeries is offered: correction (nose, ears), including silicone facial implants, facial rejuvenation (wrinkles), all kinds of lifting surgery, injections, medical peels, correction of breasts shape, size and position, including cohesive silicone implants (3 and 4) of the latest generation, liposuction, abdominoplasty , increasing “zero” area (buttocks) with silicone implants.