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The Institute of Mother and Child is a medical institution, offering medical care of the 3rd level, disposing of a clinic with 1005 beds (315 beds in the perinatal center of the 3rd level, 243 - in Pediatric Surgery, 295 - in Pediatrics), 150 beds in the hospital “Emilian Cotaga” and 2 Republican counseling centers for women and children. The medical staff performed a significant amount of work in 2015-2016, providing specialized medical services to 41 803 mothers and children; in addition, 8127 surgical operations have been carried out and outpatient consultations were provided to 160 000 women and children, mostly in rural areas. In 2016, the institution has a staff of more than 2435 employees, including 41 researchers, 437 doctors, 913 nurses, 8 employees have doctorates and 47 master’s degrees in medicine. The Academician Eva Gudumac.successfully works at the Institute. The Clinic of the Institute of Mother and Child is equipped with modern laboratories and diagnostic rooms, typical of medical institutions of the highest level. The Institute conducts research in the field of obstetrics and gynecology, perinatology, somatic pediatrics and surgery. The Clinical Departments of the Medical University “Nicolae Testemitanu” are based at the Institute, the Institute providing training for students, residents, and conducting courses of continous education for physicians across the country. The Institute comprises 7 scientific departments: Obstetrics and Gynecology; Perinatology; Pediatrics; Children’s Neurology; Surgical correction of congenital malformations in children; Immunology and Microbiology; and Morpho-pathology. The Institute for Mother and Child will continue its work based on a well-defined concept of the introduction of medical technologies based on prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of patients, permanently developing recommendations on the improvement of the quality of health services for mothers and children, in accordance with existing requirements, creating new and improved working conditions for employees.