37th International specialized exhibition of equipment and technologies for the agro-industrial sector

Welcome tothe International specialized exhibition MOLDAGROTECH (spring) 2020

Ladies and gentlemen!

The International specialized exhibition MOLDAGROTECH is a prestigious annual event that determines the development vectors of the agro-industrial sector in Moldova . Promoting on the local market the latest agricultural equipment and machinery from local and foreign manufacturers, MOLDAGROTECH contributes towards the realization of national projects of highest priority, aimed at growing the efficiency of agriculture.

The exhibition is officially supported by the Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment of the Republic of Moldova.

The high standards and excellent results of MOLDAGROTECH have been recognized internationally, the exhibition being granted the quality of an UFI Approved Event.

The importance of MOLDAGROTECH is further confirmed by:

- faithful participation of local and foreign manufacturers promoting world-renowned brands;

- good commercial results;

- presence of a target audience.

The exhibition represents:

- a venue to promote the best offers in this sector;

- a perfect possibility to examine offers related to the implementation of latest scientific achievements;

- a master-class for students - future professionals;

- an opportunity to make totals of the agricultural year;

- a generator of new ideas;

- good profits for enterprises.