XXXVI-я Международная специализированная выставка машин, оборудования и технологий для агропромышленного комплекса


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SELPO.EU provides warranty and support services through diagnostics, technical maintenance, repair, installation / mounting of hydraulic stations, equipment and their parts. We provide high quality products as well as hydraulic solutions for mobile and industrial applications for the energy, food, construction, agricultural, industrial, and medical sectors. With our experienced designing team, we offer complete solutions: from design to commissioning and after- sales service for applications. Equipment (motors, pumps and hydraulic valves, solenoid distributor valves, hydraulic stations). as well as other hydraulic units are offered or can be delivered on command by HYDRO TECH, equipment that meets modern requirements and European quality. Also, to improve the quality and comfort of our customers, we have mobile teams providing on-site the mentioned services.