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GEEK TOYS SRL is the local manufacturer of smart board

games IQ PUZZLE • BRAIN FITNESS, created for people with

an alert rhythm of life, but full of enthusiasm!

IQ PUZZLE is not just a puzzle, it’s a real “Fitness for the

Brain”! Puzzles in the form of flat figures, with well-thoughtout

lines, will overturn your vision of simple things! The task

is to assemble the image represented on the package from

a set of components, using logic and imagination. It looks

simple only at the first glance, in reality it’s a real brain workout!

Searching for the right solution unites people of different

generations. The resolution time is from 40 minutes to a

few hours! Developers make sure that IQ PUZZLE not only

brings positive emotions, but also helps training the brain

and acquire solving skills in seemingly unsolvable situations.

IQ PUZZLE will be a great gift for board games fans, but also

a corporate gift with the logo or the company name for effective

brand promotion! In addition to the logos and the IQ

PUZZLE series already created, we offer:

• branding the packaging in the corporate style of the company;

• developing a set of puzzles with the company’s key elements;

• creating a set of puzzles made up of the company name.