XXXVI-я Международная специализированная выставка машин, оборудования и технологий для агропромышленного комплекса


str. Cernisevschi 34 MD 3801, or. Comrat, Republica Moldova

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GBST-Impex S.R.L. offers BOREI-1 - a new model of fan sprayer

with frontal air intake.

The BOREI sprayers provide the best spray performance.

The specially designed fan (with improved aerodynamic properties

and aluminum adjustable blades) provides a wide range

of air flow with minimal energy costs.

High quality components ensure long periods of operation.

At the request of buyers, the BOREI sprayers are presented

for comparative tests with any other sprayer models on the


Additional options are offered: installation of equipment for

remote control of the sprayer from the tractor cabin; installation

of a computer, to guarantee the quality of spraying and

control the treatment of plantings, regardless of the qualifications

of the operator; the possibility to change the clearance.