XXXVI-я Международная специализированная выставка машин, оборудования и технологий для агропромышленного комплекса


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Advice & Consulting develops turnkey orchards, focusing on

the continuous improvement of the horticultural sector by

optimizing the quality of work and the finished product. In

collaboration with the best companies in Italy, the company

guarantees 100% Italian quality of all proposed products, as

well as full-line consultancy services.

Services and products

- Agronomic consultancy and orchard design

- Water and soil analysis

- Selection of varieties adapted for climate and geographic


- Certified plants and rootstocks

- Specialist machinery for orchards

- Drip irrigation systems

- Storage in Controlled Atmosphere

- Lines for calibration and packing

- Equipment for fruits processing

- Equipment for palletizing, preserving and packing.