MOLDAGROTECH (autumn) 2016

XXXI-я Международная cпециализированная выставка машин, оборудования и технологий для агропромышленного комплекса

Starting with1993, IEC „Moldexpo” S.A. has been organizingInternational Specialized Exhibition – „Moldagrotech”.

The exhibition unites the largestproducers of equipment and machinery, tractors and combines, water-supply and irrigation systemsfor agriculture, equipment for food industry,technological equipment, spare parts, plant protection means, fertilizers, etc. The scale of the event has increased in comparison withprevious years.

The competition appeared betweenparticipants as well as supply and demand verificationhavedemonstrated the exhibition efficiencythrough certainresults.

The manifestationgives the opportunity for participants's meeting. At the same time it also showstheindexes ofprogress registeredin agriculture, It alsoreflectsrealization of the development program of the mostimportant branches of the nationaleconomy.

„Moldagrotech” illustratesperspectivesof development in the branch, proposesmodernization ways to cultivateagricultural lots.

Exhibition represents:

  • venue to promote the best offers in the sector
  • a perfect possibilityto examine offers regardingimplementation ofscientific realizations
  • a master-classfor presentstudents - future specialists
  • totals making of agricultural year
  • generators of new ideas
  • commercial profit of an enterprise
  • venue to share experienceby specialistsfrom different countries, including the CIS.

Ladies and gentlemen,

International Specialized Exhibition"Moldagrotech" is a prestigious anual event,which determines a vector for development of the agroindustrialcomplex inMoldova. Having promoted on the local market the latest agricultural machines fromlocal and foreignproducers, "Moldagrotech" contributes towardsrealization ofprojects ofnational priority, orientated toefficiency of agricultural products of therepublic.

The exhibition is officially supported by theMinistry ofAgriculture and Food Industryof the Republic ofMoldova

High levelof "Moldagrotech" isconfirmed through:

the symbol of Global Associationof Exhibition Industry (UFI);

EURASCO -  The European Federation of  Agricultural Exhibition and Show Organisers

faithful participation of local and well-known foreign producers, whichpromote world-known brands;

successful commercial results;

presence of a target audience.

Starting with2010 the exhibition has a biannual periodicity: spring and autumn.

We invite you to participate in the exhibition "Moldagrotech-2016" (Autumn) to be held on October19- 22, 2016, atIEC „Moldexpo”