17th International Specialized Exhibition of furniture, equipment, tools, raw materials and accessories for furniture manufacture

FURNITURE FASHION EXPO -  FFE, the International specialized exhibition of furniture, equipment, tools and accessories for furniture manufacture, is the most important event inin Moldova dedicated to the furniture industry and related sectors.

Modern colors and complex finishes, some combining traditions and elaborate work, other projecting wonders of modern technology, will represent an inspiration and a temptation for interested visitors. The picture would not be complete without planning suggestions from manufacturers and the free consulting, offered by young designers to visitors!

In plus to facilities provided to end customers, FURNITURE FASHION EXPO -  FFE does its best to create a thriving environment for businesses by creating a framework for dialogue, partnership and collaboration. Participating in this event you are getting valuable direct access to customers, but also to the entire industry, with the opportunity to analyze competition and to find new possibilities for development.

The exhibition encompasses trend-halls, wich will showcase innovations in design and technology, and a consistent business comprising round tables, thematic seminars, conferences etc. The event promises to be a spectacular one by the quality and variety of samples and ideas at stake – furniture boasting original forms and multiple functions, ingenious and attractive interior design, complex pre- and post-sales services, presentations and innovative marketing concepts.