XIXth International Specialized Exhibition of cosmetics, perfumery and equipment for beauty parlours

BEAUTY  is the largest event of the beauty industry, gathering all segments related to cosmetics, perfumery and equipment for beauty parlours. The exhibition is traditionally held at the beginning of spring, when nature is ready to burst in greens and colours, and is an event  anticipated by both professionals and the general public.

Participants  at the exhibition BEAUTY are the most important companies of the cosmetic and beauty industry, an industry in full development and growth, bringing beauty and glamour in the glow of spotlights.

In plus to facilities provided to end customers, BEAUTY does its best to create a thriving environment for businesses by creating a framework for dialogue, partnership and collaboration. Participating in this event you are getting valuable direct access to customers, but also to the entire industry, with the opportunity to analyze competition and to find new possibilities for development.

The visitors at the exhibition will enjoy a wide range of products and technologies, and also related events, presentations and demonstrations, where professionalism and imagination is gracefully combined with elements of spectacular shows.

The colors of spring come to life at Moldexpo in the framework of an event with multiple benefits for both end consumers and the operators in this field.