B2B EXPO 2016

International Specialized Exhibition – forum of products and services for business, 4-th edition

Evenda Group

str. Alexandrul cel Bun 7, of.307 MD-2001 Chisinau, Republica Moldova

Phone: +373 22/ 93-10-96

Fax: +373 22/ 93-10-96

Gsm: +373 69/ 32-80-89

Email: info@evenda.md

Web: www.evenda.md

Evenda is the largest company in Moldova organizing business

events with a team of best specialists in the field.

Founded on March 25, 2010, Evenda is conducting trainings,

seminars, workshops and conferences focused on sales, marketing,

time management, financial management, professional image and

other areas related to the entrepreneurship.